NCADD is in the business of helping women: through recovery, through motherhood, into financial stability and long-term independent living. Here are a few of the stories of the women who have gone through our programs. If you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, please know there is hope. NCADD has programs and support housing to help women of all ages and backgrounds get through all situations and live happy, healthy lives.



Living with Purpose

As with many cases of addiction, Christina’s substance abuse began at an early age and involved multiple influencing factors including family history of addiction, and sexual…


Soaring to Success

“My childhood sucked,” says Michelle. When Michelle was 11-years old, her twin sister and she told their mom that their stepdad had been molesting them. Mom kicked him out…


Flouring into Motherhood

Kyla had a good childhood. Her parents were pretty lenient. She played sports and had fun. There was a history of alcohol and drug abuse in her family, but she didn’t know anything about that…


Overcoming Trauma

“I had a really cool childhood. My mom was a teacher and my dad was a contractor. I never wanted for anything.”

Things changed for Jessica…