Thank you for your interest in supporting Arizona Women’s Recovery Center. At AWRC, we cherish our funding and funders. We know you have a lot of options for your donations, which is why we make every dollar count; more than 90% of our funding goes directly to programs to assist women on the road to recovery.



A Charitable Tax Credit Donation is a simple way to support the women and families that Arizona Women’s Recovery Center serves and that won’t cost you a dime. Every dollar you donate (up to $800 if filing jointly or up to $400 if filing single) is returned to you in full as a dollar for dollar credit on your Arizona tax return. It’s even easier to donate than ever because you don’t have to itemize to take the credit and you can claim both the Charitable and the Public/Private School Tax Credits.  There is no minimum required, make a donation with a onetime amount or several during the year. Whatever fits your budget.  Every dollar changes the life of a woman, child, family.

Find out more or fill out this form to donate today!

Make a Cash Donation

Donate on-line through our PayPal Account by using a credit card:

or send a check to:

Arizona Women’s Recovery Center
4201 N. 16th Street, Suite 140
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Donate by Shopping

Arizona Women’s Recovery Center also participates in the Amazon Smile program and we’d honored if you would set us as the charity of your choice. A percentage of every dollar you spend on Amazon will be directed to help support AWRC programs. Visit Amazon Smile and choose Arizona Women’s Recovery Center as your selected charity.

Donate Items

Arizona Women’s Recovery Center is always looking for items and volunteers to help sustain our houses and programs.

Items needed for AWRC supportive houses and programs include:

  • Apartment Items: Trash cans, fans, alarm clocks, laundry baskets, DVD players, pillows, blankets/sheets (twin size), towels etc.
  • Cleaning Supplies: Industrial mop/mop heads, trash bags, air fresheners, dish soap, 409, bleach, detergent
  • School Supplies : Backpacks, pencils/pens, notebooks, binders, etc.
  • Re-fillable water bottles
  • Art supplies: Canvas, paints, paint brushes, construction paper, scissors, glue, beads etc.
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Bus passes (for youth to go to & from work/school)
  • Fast food & Target/Walmart gift cards
  • Shoes (sneakers) and clothes
  • Underwear, bras, socks (men/women – all sizes)
  • Baby Supplies: Strollers, formula, clothing, diapers, toys, Cartoon DVD’s etc.

Due to limited resources, we must respectfully decline donations of items in need of repairs or worn beyond use. To donate items, please contact either the AWRC office at 602-264-6214, or ATRS at 1-866-900-9308 (toll free), or email Steve at the ATRS office to arrange a pickup.

Donate on our GoFundMe Page

You can also donate directly to our Mothers Helping Mothers GoFundMe page. All donations go to help provide mothers in our program with supplies required to take care of their family’s basic needs.

“Mothers want to provide love, safety and a future for their children. Many however struggle with addiction and mental illness that impacts them and their children in devastating ways. Arizona Women’s Recovery Center in Phoenix Arizona, provides treatment services and housing for pregnant women and women with children. We are blessed to see miracles happen for families when they are given the resources, encouragement and acceptance to turn their lives in a positive direction.  AWRC knows that just stopping the drugs/ alcohol and getting on the right mental health medications is not enough. Treatment teaches how to do life different, how to deal with the stressors of life, how to change behaviors and old ways of thinking. Our women and their children stay with us for period of 1-2 years. During that time they are also going to school or in trade school so when they leave they will be able to support their families. These are families who are in need of many of the basics such as diapers, hygiene items, school uniforms for the children, household and cleaning items, linens everything needed to meet their needs and to create a home. Arizona Women’s Recovery Center is committed to providing for them during their time in treatment and support in their transition.  Your donations provide Mothers and their children with a hand up. You can make a difference”


Thank you for supporting Arizona Women’s Recovery Center!