For women in recovery

AWRC Housing


Health – Empowerment – Recovery

H.E.R. House is a supportive housing environment for single women who are not currently parenting. The women at H.E.R house receive case management, vocational training and guidance, and treatment in AZWRC’s outpatient program. The goal of H.E.R. House is to help women seek economic independence and long-term recovery.

H.E.R. House is a 2-bedroom triplex with space for three women in each apartment. Arizona Women’s Recovery Center provides 24-hour peer support.

H.E.R House’s mission is to help women achieve:

  • Long term sobriety
  • A healthy support system
  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Stable employment


  • Residents will participate in outpatient treatment, counseling sessions, and 12-step meetings
  • Residents will work closely with peer support and case management staff to meet treatment plan goals. Discharge planning could begin upon entering the program. These goals could include seeking other housing options, such as Weldon House, Homeward Bound, Section 8, or exploration of independent housing options and resources needed to relocate.
  • Residents will receive a vocational assessment and begin vocational planning and participation immediately upon moving into the house. This includes building resumes and practicing job skills at Sustain.